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How to Crack the Code for B2B Product Marketing in a Digital World

Posted on October 23, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Personalization, a holy grail in B2C technology marketing for some years now, is satisfying because of the benefits of monitoring, understanding and predicting an individual’s behavior. For B2B product marketing, though, quite often is it a buying unit made of many individuals, and therefore more complex. That said, more and more B2B buying behavior takes place “before the buyer ever gets in touch with the vendor.”

In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Jeff Spicer, VP of Digital Marketing at leading visualization software company VMWare, addresses the trials, trends and tools of B2B product marketing. Highlights include:

Getting Personal: Jeff talks about personalization in the B2B technology marketing space, defines the difference between targeting and personalization, and discusses how to use propensity data to personalize inbound visits from B2B buyers.

Channel Surfing: Omni-channel personalization, Jeff says, represents opportunities to build relationships with buyers, but also challenges content strategy that many product marketing organizations may not realize exists at the top of the funnel.

Pilot Programs: There are two reasons Jeff feels pilot technology marketing programs are essential. He reveals them, and also suggests at what intervals marketers should be checking KPIs in their pilot campaigns in order to maximize organization returns and team value.

Social Studies: Jeff predicts a “return to social” in coming years for B2B product marketing, where more sophisticated methods will be used to “understand who the true influencers are in the buying unit, how to surround those influencers with content and then how to measure the activities that those influencers take part in.”

Jeff Spicer is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at VMware, the leading visualization software company. VMware’s technology simplifies IT complexity and streamlines operations helping businesses become more agile, efficient, and profitable. At VMware, Jeff  is responsible for their customer and partner facing digital marketing channels and programs. His focus is to better align his channels with customer needs and expectations while simultaneously supporting corporate revenue targets.
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