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Jennifer Johnson, CMO of Tanium: “The Data Driven CMO”

Posted on April 1, 2016 by Glenn Gow

Amidst an ecosystem containing multitudes of martech software solutions, marketers across the B2C and B2B spheres are charged with the sometimes unenviable task of distilling the best technology and techniques to harness the power of Big Data in their organizations. Jennifer Johnson, CMO of fast growing cybersecurity innovator Tanium, is amongst them. “I think that every CMO out there right now is … struggling to figure out how to make their organization more data driven… There’s too much technology out there that it’s still really daunting and confusing. So if you feel like you’re behind the curve you’re really not, it’s okay.” In today’s installment of Moneyball for Marketing, Jennifer joins us to offer not just her empathy, but also her counsel, having spent the last year building Tanium’s data driven marketing operations from scratch. Highlights include the following:

Running revenue: “If a CMO…doesn’t think that they’re aligned to revenue, then they’re sorely mistaken,” says Jennifer, “I think every CMO at this point needs to think of themselves as a revenue driver.” Jennifer tells us why the marketing operations role is a company’s “revenue chief of staff,” discusses the relationship between marketing data and revenue, and cautions marketers against the “fool’s errand” of measuring cost per lead.

All accounted for: Jennifer shares Tanium’s story with account‐based marketing, supporting multiple use cases, and cross‐selling different organizations within one enterprise. She reveals the martech Tanium is using and presents a fascinating instance wherein mapping out whitespace using Domo completely changed the conversation between marketing and sales.

Data diplomacy: Having the data to affect the strategic conversation is critical not only to the marketer’s individual success, but also to that of the organization, says Jennifer. “I think we as marketers owe it to our function…that we are part of that discussion at the highest level…and it’s all based on having that data.” She counsels on staying ahead of the martechlearning curve, protecting your budget and influencing corporate strategy, using marketing operations data.
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