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Why Marketing is The New Revenue Generator

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Many companies struggle with finding the right synergy between the marketing and sales departments. Sales is known as the historic revenue driver, but Marketing also plays an equal and commonly unknown role in revenue generation.

On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Karen Walker shares her expert insight on how marketing can be viewed as a revenue center, instead of a traditional cost center. This begins with offering the same type of predictability to ease the decision for more marketing investment. Key points include:

  1. The research phase of the B2B buyer’s journey is where Marketing needs to make the greatest impact. 
  2. Marketing can accelerate the sales process and time to revenue for your company by providing Sales with compelling information that helps move your buyers through the sales funnel. Buyers are much more self-educated so the quality of your content, offers and assets needs to dramatically improve to stay ahead of the game.
  3. Social listening provides a tremendous amount of insight into how your buyer’s experience and feel about your brand, products and services. Instead of reaching out to your response center or your technology team, buyers use social media to talk about product issues or successes. 

The move towards marketing and sales alignment gains traction every day. What type of measurable progress have you seen or are making within your company? Share your thoughts below!


Karen Walker is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cisco. Karen leads the global go-to-market organization that manages the outbound marketing of Cisco’s products and solutions, while accelerating sales through Cisco’s sales force and partners. Since joining Cisco she has championed marketing’s role as an accountable business function aligning closely with sales teams and being vital resource to partners.  Karen is a board member of the I.T. Services Marketing Association (ITSMA), member of the CMO Council North America Advisory Board, Marketers that Matter Council, Advancing Women Executives (AWE) in Silicon Valley, and CRN’s 2013 Women in the Channel. Karen holds a Bachelor of Science degree with joint honors in Chemistry and Business Studies from Loughborough University in England.
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