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User Generated Content is the Key to Social Engagement

Posted on March 3, 2015 by Glenn Gow

There is so much content out there in social media today that it has become extraordinarily difficult to consistently engage with your audience. The market has become so inundated with content that less than 10% of your fans are even likely to see what you publish. Add to that the challenge of persuading your audience to genuinely trust the intentions of your marketing efforts, and content marketers are in a quandary. How can you be heard, in a way that is meaningful for buyers and sellers?

Ken Wach, Marketing VP at Intuit, says that the key to an effective social media strategy is creating your own community built on trust, and allowing that community to generate its own content. In this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Ken explains how this counter-intuitive strategy works. Highlights include:

Host the Party: Ken discusses the merits of building a community of peers who contribute their own content for the unbiased benefit of that community, without concern for your product. He also shares one data driven insight that could increase the level of attention you receive by a factor of 2-3 times.

Take one for the Team: Give away a super pricy Super Bowl commercial to one of your customers? That’s exactly what Intuit did. Ken reveals how that earned his company 12 or 13 billion impressions, built trust amongst its supporters and built a case for building a small business owners community as a central pillar of its social media strategy.

Make it Personal: A self-contained and self-maintained community of customers and potential buyers with similar interests can ultimately be the “Rosetta Stone” of your marketing initiatives, says Ken. He discusses how to observe community members’ behavior, personalize their interaction with your brand and tackle the challenge of scaling up content to meet limitless demand.

Ken Wach is the VP of Marketing for the Small Business Group at Intuit.  His responsibilities encompass all product marketing and go-to-market activities, including online and offline advertising, customer marketing, brand management, content and social marketing, and related analytics.

The Small Business Group is Intuit’s largest organization, with annual revenue of over $2B.  It’s products include QuickBooks, a SaaS business management solution for small businesses, and all related products and services, including payroll and payments offerings.

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