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2 Über Trends in Corporate Marketing Every CMO Must Know

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Glenn Gow

We all understand by now the importance of data to the corporate marketing organization. What has not been as clear is the best way for CMOs to manage and leverage this data. While data aggregation systems have matured greatly in the recent past, bottlenecks between Marketing and IT have substantially hindered the ability of corporate marketing departments to act on data from a variety of sources in real time.

In his role as General Manager of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Kevin Akeroyd works with CMOs of leading companies on enterprise level, cross-channel data management and marketing. In this Moneyball for Marketing episode, he identifies two “über trends” in technology marketing and discusses the exponential corporate marketing potential unleashed by cloud-based, real time, cross channel technology marketing software. Highlights include:

Third Time’s the Charm: Kevin describes the third—and what he hopes to be the final—attempt at successful data consolidation and aggregation in corporate marketing. This first new “über trend” in technology marketing, Kevin says, beats out the old ‘Master Data Management’ system by being cloud based, multi-channel and real-time.

Right, Right, Right: The second ‘über trend’ Kevin shares is the movement, built on the foundation of data consolidation in trend number one, towards sending the right message in the right channel at the right time. Kevin explains how CMOs who embrace this approach stand to experience real relationship building and useful dialogue with buyers, and provides an example from retail corporate marketing to demonstrate the trend in action.

One plus one equals….Ten? CMOs and CIOs have been spending too much time reconciling their respective ends of data driven corporate marketing. Kevin explains how Oracle Marketing Cloud dramatically reduces the “calorie spend” of CMOs and CIOs in this process and why he thinks it provides exponential returns on effort, as compared with preceding data marketing systems.

Kevin Akeroyd is the General Manager of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, which offers a unified, modern marketing platform with integrated cross-channel marketing; content marketing; social marketing and data management for enterprise, B2B and B2C.  Kevin is responsible for leading all customer facing aspects, including sales, account management, marketing and customer support and services. 
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