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4 Steps to Better Business Planning Using Marketing Technology

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Glenn Gow

“We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge,” proclaimed John Naisbitt more than 20 years ago. With the advent of marketing technology, that state of affairs is rapidly fading into history, bestowing upon CMOs and other business executives an unprecedented level of marketing intelligence, and allowing them to conduct business planning on an entirely new level. Mark Sarbiewski, CMO of business planning technology company Anaplan shares tips in this Moneyball for Marketing podcast on how to use marketing technology to define process, determine KPIs, discover conversion cycles and positively affect ROI. Four of those tips are:

Think like an Executive: “When you’re swimming in the data…you don’t think like an executive…you’re thinking like a marketer,” says Mark. He shares how Anaplan defined its cycle, lead qualification standards and other conversion metrics so that it could translate large volumes of data into actionable, executive level marketing intelligence.

Fish where the Fish are: Mark’s team was able to debunk hunches and reengineer his company’s event and PR strategies based on the marketing intelligence contained within the data. He shares how they discovered where business was originating from and what hidden audiences were waiting to be courted.

Keep it Simple: Too much data, Mark says, can be overwhelming, and can obscure the insights needed. He reveals the thinking and marketing technology his company used to determine their cycle and relevant buyer touch points and get smarter by working out ‘the big phases.’

Volume + Quality = Yield:
It’s common for corporate marketing strategies to include events, webinars, SEO and many other activities. Clarifying the conversion to deal metrics, Mark says, is key to understanding what makes a quality lead. Mark outlines how marketing technology can positively influence all areas of business planning.

Mark Sarbiewski is the CMO of Anaplan, a company that provides your business with a planning platform across departments from Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, HR, and IT. \
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Glenn Gow

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