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Why “Buyer DNA” Affects Content for Demand Generation Programs

Posted on October 16, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Delivering “the right content to the right persona at the right time” could well be the mantra of the demand generation function of business today. It’s clear that the more targeted sellers can be about providing information their potential buyers need, the easier it will be to engage and nurture those leads. That is, of course, easier said than done. Sellers must establish unique personas for potential buyers, understand their pain points and business use cases, identify where and how they digest information, and then—connect, prioritize and nurture relationships with them.

With some 130,000 qualified leads per quarter, digital transaction management firm DocuSign does this at scale. VP of Customer Marketing and Demand Generation Meagen Eisenberg reveals the mindset, methods and marketing technology she uses to do it in this episode of Moneyball for Marketing. Key insights include:

Good Gears: Meagen shares the specific marketing technology and core team roles that DocuSign uses to operate its demand generation process efficiently. She names some of the tools and methods her team uses to manage content so that sales reps can quickly and accurately deliver buyers what they need.

Content is Key: How do you build the right content for each buyer persona? How do you select themes, determine your content mix amongst white papers, webinars and case studies? And how can you maintain the ‘shelf life’ of old content, so that it can be repurposed for future demand generation and nurturing programs? Meagen tells us how.

Model Marketing: Meagen and I discuss why “Lookalike Marketing” is the future of data and marketing technology; Understanding the DNA of buyers and what they want from you will render communication platforms more open, as sellers send buyers more and more relevant and desirable information.

Meagen Eisenberg is the Vice President of Customer Marketing and Demand Generation at DocuSign, the global standard for digital transaction management. Their platform supports legally compliant electronic digital signature processes. At DocuSign, Meagen covers the entire customer experience from top of the funnel to advocacy. She manages demand generation, field marketing, web marketing systems, and operations and creative services. Meagen holds a MBA in Strategy and Marketing from Yale University’s School of Management.
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