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How to Build an Effective Cross-Channel Marketing System

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Large multinational corporations are quite often global operations with thousands of employees, scores of products, and a complex array of marketing channels and campaigns. Collecting these elements together to create an integrated, cross-channel digital marketing system is a task that requires the right technology, processes, upper management endorsement, and leadership expertise. For Netherlands based Philips Lighting, that expertise comes from VP of Digital Marketing, Michel Claassens. In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Michel walks us through the steps necessary to build an effective cross-channel marketing system, as follows:

Building a Grid:  Michel shares how Philips organizes large volumes of complex data into two centralized categories—one around products and offerings, and one around customers. He also shows how this centralized marketing system branches out in all of the company’s marketing channels.

Uncrossing Wires:  When Philips began digitizing its marketing channels, Michel says, misuse of software and lack of governance led to corrupted data and an unmanageable marketing system. This is addressed by putting in place a “Data Marshal” and the building of a solid lead management and execution processes.

Turning it all on:  A grip on its offering and customer data management enables Philips to determine lead scoring parameters, gauge buyer interest level, convert anonymous visitors to known visitors, and engage qualified leads through its website, social media and other marketing channels. Michel tells us how.

Spreading the Light:  “Change is always hard… in large organizations…so it’s very important that people recognize the benefits…and…support from upper management is definitely needed” Michel advises. Then he shares the 3-prong process for change management he has been using to train and win the cooperation of hundreds of colleagues as well as thousands of customers who were actively involved in Philips Lighting’s marketing system.

Michel Claassens is the VP of Digital Marketing at Philips Lighting headquartered in the Netherlands.  Philips Lighting provides a wide range of offerings across the entire lighting value chain from light sources, luminaries, lighting controls to lighting solutions, and services. 
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