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How To Accelerate Sales Using Marketing Analytics

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Glenn Gow

“Science holds the key to unlocking human potential.” This is the basic philosophy of sales acceleration platform InsideSales.com in a world where the marketing and sales ends of the customer acquisition funnel are looking more and more alike. Not only have buyers in B2B markets often been led up to 70% through the sales funnel by marketing before they ever speak to a sales person, but now sales people are also engaging in social media and marketing analytics technologies that are normally the domain of marketing.

To compete in this type of marketplace, B2B companies must engage buyers quickly, repeatedly and efficiently. Mick Hollison, CMO at InsideSales.com, shows how data science—especially marketing analytics—enables sales and marketing teams to unlock the high level performance potential they need to win. Here are some of the topics covered:

  1. Acceleration via Analytics: Mick explains the importance of geographics, firmographics, and up to 400 more marketing analytics variables in determining the likelihood of contacting and closing qualified leads.
  2. Getting up to Speed: What can CMOs of B2B companies learn from B2C companies about sales and retention? A LOT, it turns out. Mick shows how B2C companies are merging silos of information and obtaining a 360° view of customers, and explains why B2B firms must do so as well.
  3. ‘ADD’-ing to the Speed of Sales: In the rapid, “A.D.D. world” we live and work in, both immediacy and persistency are necessary to convert sales leads. Mick explains how marketing analytics are the key to accelerating and economizing sales.
  4. Fuelling the Race: If sales is a race, then the tools at InsideSales.com can be thought of as a ‘Nike Fuel Band’—tracking performance, driving competition and unlocking potential for sales teams, says Mick. The CMO pops his company’s hood and gives us a look at its predictive marketing analytics engine. 

Mick Hollison is the CMO of InsideSales.com. Mick oversees all marketing efforts, including public relations, content marketing, paid advertising and website conversion. The company, InsideSales.com, offers the sales industry’s first comprehensive sales acceleration platform that creates high performance sales teams with breakthrough technology. Mick holds a management degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 
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Glenn Gow

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