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How to Combine Digital and Traditional Retail Marketing Channels

Posted on September 24, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Last year in the USA, the public spent more time on digital platforms than they spent watching television, making for the first of such a significant channel shift since the 1950s. Much of the growth in digital is attributable to time that has been “created” by the convenience of smart phones. Whereas “one-size-fits-all” promotional tactics often drive traditional retail traffic, brands can now use digital marketing channels to segment and influence their target audiences.

Facebook owns 20% of that audience’s online time. In this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Nicolas Franchet, Facebook’s Head of Retail and E-Commerce, Global Vertical Marketing, shares the nuances of the three online marketing components he says matter to digital media strategy for retailers. They are:

  1. Digital Discovery: Nicolas says the phenomenon of “discovering products you didn’t know you wanted” is amplified through digital marketing channels. 67% of shopping experiences—both online and offline—involve at least one digital touch point, making a brand’s digital media strategy an essential part of the retail discovery process.
  2. Retail Rapport: Nicolas discusses how brands are building a two-way conversation through digital marketing channels and messaging personalized to segments of their online audience. He provides a valuable formulation for maximum efficiency of segmentation, and advises about acquisition tools that belong in a retailer’s digital media strategy, such as ‘look-alikes,’ algorithmic audience customization and pixel empowered re-targeting.
  3. Keeping Customers: Loyalty—the third key component of digital merchandising, says Nicolas—is about re-engaging existing customers, 70% of whom will never read a brand’s email communications. Having a digital media strategy that includes connecting back to them on Facebook enables the existing relationship to develop and endure.

Nicolas Franchet is the Head of Retail and E-commerce, Global Vertical Marketing at Facebook. Nicolas’s main focus is on looking after marketing strategy for resounding commerce.  He works with companies around the world to help them define and execute their strategies on Facebook. Nicolas has previously held executive positions at eBay and received his MBA from UC Berkeley. 
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