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Three Emerging Trends in Marketing Intelligence

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Glenn Gow

Marketing has expanded its emphasis from a former position of responsibility purely for building the ‘top half of the funnel’ to an enhanced role that includes optimization of the lifetime buyer experience. CMOs today are responsible for understanding who buyers are, what they need and then providing a community-oriented service that consistently delivers value to them throughout the lifetime of the relationship.  

Sanjay Sarathy, CMO of machine data analytics service Sumo Logic, shares with Moneyball for Marketing a few of the marketing intelligence insights that CMOs can glean from data analytics, using the context of his own experiences observing and analyzing the data generated by Sumo Logic customers. Highlights include:

Who, What, Why—and How: Sanjay explains how usage data reveals marketing intelligence about who buyers are, what they actually do with the product, why that is important to them, and perhaps most importantly—how CMOs need to influence product development to better serve buyers.

Community Service: Sanjay shows how Sumo Logic pulls rich data from different touch points and queries within its customer base to develop a body of “communal knowledge” of what is working and what is not working. Moreover, you then see how this marketing intelligence can be used to build a kind of “recommendation engine” at a product level—even for technical services.

Insights in sight: Looking toward the future, Sanjay predicts how the collaborative data analytics and community orientation of software service businesses will lead to more and better practical usage of data—moving away from mere event and trend recognition towards true marketing intelligence, which encourages CMOs to focus on making insight based recommendations.

Sanjay Sarathy is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sumo Logic. Sumo Logic provides a SaaS-based machine data analytics platform.  The analysis of this data helps IT, security and engineering teams to understand what is actually happening in that infrastructure. Sanjay has been involved with SaaS and enterprise software companies his entire career, and has dealt with every type of successful, and  unsuccessful business model imagined. He’s held various senior executive roles at Vindicia, Above All Software, and Qualys, as well as various director roles at Sun Microsystems. Sanjay received his MBA from University of California, Berkley and holds an Economics degree from Stanford University. 
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