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Hacks, Stacks and Apps—The New Tools of Technology Marketing

Posted on July 2, 2014 by Glenn Gow

The technology marketing field continues to explode and evolve, with some experts estimating penetration well under 20%, despite thousands of marketing technology players in the field. On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Scott Brinker, CTO of Ion Interactive, shares his insights on the flowering of this ecosystem, the interaction of major and minor developers and how technology marketing organizations are keeping up with rapid advances. Some of the topics covered are:

  1. Open Hacks, Frankenstacks: Just as its compatibility with third party software made Windows the leading operating system in its day, Scott observes that the battle for maximum relevancy in the world of technology marketing platforms is being won by those major players who offer open platforms. This allows specialty marketing technology makers to build plug-ins and allows users to pick and choose their own ‘Frankenstacks’ of marketing technology products that work together. Scott prescribes a philosophy for determining where to start.
  2. Interactive Appeal: Scott shows how marketing apps like contests, calculators and configurators can be used to attract, qualify and provide insight about prospects at the top of the marketing technology funnel, while providing more engaging value to the prospects than possible with passive content.
  3. Innovations before Operations: Having established the ability to innovate and experiment with third party developer products in a marketing technology stack, Scott discusses why and how this approach will continue to accelerate in the next 5-10 years and how marketing organizations can integrate what works into their core technology marketing infrastructure.

Scott Brinker is the President and CTO of Ion Interactive, a marketing apps platform that generates leads and revenue via digital marketing. Scott is the godfather of marketing technology and well known as the author of the Chief Marketing Technologists Blog at chiefmartec.com.  Scott understands the marketing technology landscape better than anyone, and has been writing and talking about this topic for the last eight years. Scott holds a MBA from MIT Sloan School of Manangement and a Master’s in Computer Science from Harvard University. 

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