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Build a Content Marketing Machine like the World’s Most Profitable Brands

Posted on January 21, 2015 by Glenn Gow

Research on corporate marketing initiatives of 50,000 of the World’s leading brands conducted by Jim Stengel, former Proctor & Gamble CMO, led to identification of the one common attribute which consistently predicted profitability: Brand Purpose— the “why” behind the brand’s existence. With this in mind, content marketing platform NewsCred’s CEO Shafqat Islam says that brands should treat their content marketing as a horizontal foundation for all of the brand’s aspirational storytelling, rather than as an isolated vertical demand generation channel. In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Shafqat shares case studies, best practices and technology tips from both the B2C and B2B content marketing ecospheres. Notable insights include:

Drink Global, Act Local: NewsCred client Pepsi regards its website as a publishing platform to express the brand’s values, not as a repository of corporate information. Shafqat shows how to localize content, acknowledges the importance of global brand consistency, and identifies the two key areas of consistency governance in corporate marketing.

Gilded Links: In a B2B corporate marketing environment where 60-70% of the buyer’s journey takes place before he/she speaks to Sales, Shafqat sees LinkedIn as a golden demand generation opportunity. He shows how sponsored posts are driving exceptional conversion rates and suggests the psychology behind this phenomenon.

Right practice, right people:The future of content marketing is…going to be less about getting more people…(and more about)… getting the right people.” So says Shafqat, who also shares best practice advice on editorial scheduling, digital asset management, content tagging and other demand generation tactics that reap maximum value from content-based corporate marketing. 

Shafqat Islam is the Co-Founder and CEO of NewsCred,  the leading content marketing platform providing the easiest end-to-end solution for content planning, creation, publishing and marketing analytics. Shafqat is a Media Council Member & sits on the Next Big Thing advisory board for The Paley Center for Media. He previously held Vice President positions with Merrill Lynch and received his degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Computer Engineering and Economics. 

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Glenn Gow

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