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How to Double Marketing Revenue with Multi-Touch Attribution

Posted on February 11, 2015 by Glenn Gow

The way buyers consume products has fundamentally changed and looks to continue changing even more rapidly. Product marketing amidst this rapid evolution is a daunting task. Having the right marketing technology, processes and mentality is just the start.  The need to manage data, establish reliable attribution models and closely track indicators presents a shifting constellation of issues for marketers to contend with. Steven Wastie, CMO of application performance management company AppDynamics, knows—his company doubles its revenue every year. In this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Steven shares with us some of the best product marketing practices AppDynamics has developed to stay ahead of the change, including the following:

The Instrumentalist: Steven stresses the importance of “instrumenting the functions” you need to scale monitoring of product marketing efforts, both with respect to tools and process. He shares how investment in marketing technology and models across the company is helping AppDynamics stay agile.

Beyond Attribution: Marketers must first understand leading and lagging indicators to tackle multi-touch attribution. “It’s getting that foundational set of assumptions in place,” Steven says, “that helps you build a capacity model and an early warning system.” Steven shares his experiences contending with influence models in a constantly shifting product marketing landscape and highlights the importance of master data management to attribution.

Vendor Tender: “Every five minutes there’s a new vendor, and they all sound like the previous one,” says Steven. So how do you choose which providers to work with for your marketing technology needs? Steven shares the two primary filters used at AppDynamics, and discusses the challenge of integration of tools from different vendors.

Steven Wastie is the CMO of AppDynamics. AppDynamics develops application performance management solutions that deliver problem resolution for highly distributed applications.  Steven has previously held senior executive marketing roles at Xirrus, iPass, Rohati Systems, and Juniper Networks. 
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