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3 Ways Customer Experience and Real-Time Insights Create Winning Brands

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Glenn Gow

According to Gartner, just a few years ago, the number of companies for whom customer experience was the key point of competition was in the 30% range. By 2016, Gartner predicts, that figure will have risen to a whopping 86%. With the massive popularity of social media and portable computing devices, customer feedback is now plentiful, influential and increasingly pivotal to brand success. Understanding the real customer experience is, fortunately, easier than ever for corporations who use B2B marketing technology designed to listen. Susan Ganeshan, CMO of customer experience management platform Clarabridge, joins Moneyball for Marketing to discuss how to reap the benefits of listening to customer feedback. Key learnings include:

Ignore the lies, find the “whys”: “Certain systems and certain statistics will lie to you,” Susan says. She urges marketers to holistically understand all the conditions that affect customer data before drawing conclusions, and shares a story to illustrate how some feedback can be misleading when interpreted in isolation.

Make it Actionable: The key to using feedback data on customer experience is choosing marketing technology to “dissect that data, break it down to its elements and categorize it into your industry’s specific needs,” says Susan. Doing so, she states, turns it from unstructured words into actionable insights.

Keep your ear to the ground: Listening to customer perceptions offers benefits in the areas of retention, marketing messaging and even the product development roadmap. Susan shares real life stories from telecommunications, retail and consumer products that illustrate the specific methods and mechanisms leading companies are using to capture customer insights in real-time and how B2B marketing technology is shaping these brands’ products and marketing initiatives.

Susan Ganeshan is the CMO of Clarabridge, whose customer experience management platform helps hundreds of the world’s leading brands understand and improve the customer journey. Susan’s role ranges everything from branding to lead generation, and her marketing and business development teams fill the top of the funnel with educated, quality opportunities.  
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