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Talk to The Data to Become a Data Driven Organization

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Glenn Gow

Big Data is often hailed as the most transformative trend affecting business in the current decade. Few large companies can afford to miss the train, yet many are still struggling to implement the changes necessary to remain competitive. Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of information services and analytics firm Neustar, has a unique perspective on this transformation. Neustar handles 10 billion data elements at a time, but until just over one year ago, had virtually no effective marketing information system in place. In keeping with its strategic shift from a pure Telco focus to information services, Lisa Joy came on board to build a data driven organization from the marketing operations team to the boardroom. In this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, she shares wisdom from the journey, including the following:

Organization evolution: Lisa Joy shares the story of Neustar’s transformation from a “crocodile” corporation with no CMO or ROI based marketing metrics into a highly data driven “flamingo” organization in just over one year. (Hint: It’s about the eggs). She touches upon marketing operations systems, process and attribution models.

Marketing mantras: “The only way to…drive…integration is for people to just talk,” says Lisa Joy, explaining the human side of pulling together marketing information systems. She shares a few more key marketing operations tactics, including “less is more” and “earned, over paid,” and details the successful tactics Neustar is using in content marketing, events and PR.

Talk to the data: Using stories like Lenovo’s Yoga line, and Neustar’s SEC compliance service, Lisa Joy demonstrates how drilling into the data led to 40% increases in conversion rates and a whopping 79% attribution to marketing operations in the latter case. “If you’re ever stuck, just talk to the data. It will tell you what to do,” says Lisa Joy.

Lisa Joy Rosner is the CMO of Neustar, the pioneer and industry leader of real time cloud based information services and analytics. Neustar helps marketers promote their businesses and IT security professionals protect them. Lisa Joy is responsible for leading corporate and brand marketing across Neustar’s entire product and services portfolio. She has more than two decades of experience in building and transforming enterprise software brands creating rapid revenue growth and initiating high value partnerships in the data analytics, e-commerce, personalization, social business and cloud markets.
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