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Tell it Before you Sell it (Kash Shaikh, VP Marketing of Ruckus)

Posted on May 6, 2016 by Glenn Gow

We all know that marketing has changed radically, with the introduction of digital media channels. From a marketer’s perspective, the shift has less to do with the media itself, perhaps, and more to do with the ability to measure buyer engagement with our messaging. By way of example, Kash Shaikh, VP of Marketing and Business Development at wireless leader Ruckus, poses the following: “Let’s say I spent 200,000 dollars per month for a billboard on highway 101…I don’t know how many eyeballs it is getting. I don’t know how I adjust up or down. I don’t know how people are reacting.” The ability to measure how your audience is reacting is the key difference between traditional and contemporary or modern marketing, says Kash. Here are a few marketing insights he shared from the trenches with Moneyball for Marketing in this installment:

Tell it before you sell it: “As a marketer, there is so much content out there, you need to be able to provide some value to the audience before you start marketing at them,” counsels Kash. He shares how Ruckus understands why its customers engage first, and then leverages a brand story through a targeted multi-channel digital marketing strategy based on that understanding.

Content is king, distribution is queen: “B2B buyers typically do up to 12 searches prior to engaging with a vendor,” Kash cites, “The key is to keep in mind how the buyers are making decisions.” Kash discusses the importance of contemporary or modern marketing approaches – we need to market in the era we live in—understanding the channels, where buyers are searching for your solutions and consuming information, and then creating engagement in places where your audience is looking for information.

To influence, you must measure: “What you cannot measure, you cannot influence or improve,” offers Kash.He emphasizes the value of showing digital marketing impact and share of voice to the executives and sales teams. Share of voice is an important leading indicator that is helping to define Ruckus’ go-to-market strategy.

As the Vice President of Marketing at Ruckus, Kash is the chief of all marketing, corporate communications, and alliance business development teams. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees. Before joining Ruckus, Kash was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Riverbed Technology. Prior to that, Kash held several executive marketing management roles at HP, where he directed all marketing aspects of a growing multi-billion dollar networking business, instrumental in pioneering HP’s SDN strategy.

Ruckus Wireless delivers simply better wireless for more than 61,000 enterprise, service provider, government and small business customers worldwide. The company is focused on technology innovation, partner ecosystems and customer service-yielding the best possible wireless experience for the most challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Its Smart Wi-Fi platform delivers scalable, high-performance Wi-Fi with simplified control and management for on-premise and cloud-based Wi-Fi deployments, along with new services for secure on-boarding, policy management, location services and analytics that enable new business opportunities.
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