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The 100% Online Buyer’s Journey (Cameron Deatsch, Head of Growth at Atlassian)

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Glenn Gow

Ponderings on the transformation of the buyer’s journey these days generally attribute the portion of the journey taking place independently and online at around 70% and climbing. For marketers, that means a longer and longer runway of engagement and relationship nurturing before a prospective buyer is ready to talk to sales. But what if you don’t have a sales department at all? That is precisely the circumstances that collaboration software maker Atlassian has built into its go to market approach from its early days, when a sales team was simply a luxury it could not afford. The Hipchat and Bitbucket maker has developed a “pro-automation” marketing operations approach fully committed to understanding its funnel using data science, testing and predictive analytics. On this installment of Moneyball for Marketing, Atlassian’s Head of Growth, Cameron Deatsch, joins Glenn to discuss demand generation, marketing analytics, attribution and ROI. Some of the key learnings are as follows:

Besting testing: Atlassian simultaneously tests multiple variables from landing pages to onboarding procedures, all the way through its funnel, which can have unforeseen effects on buyers in other stages, or even on other products. Cameron explains how his team tracks and manages this 20 terabyte/day challenge, sharing the methodology and martech that Atlassian uses, and introduces the role of “data engineers.”

Attribution solution: “Attribution can be a total beast,”concedes Cameron, “regardless of what attribution model you’re looking at, none of them are perfect.” He shares his experiences with first-touch, last-touch, any-touch and multi-touch attribution models, discusses how awareness campaigns affect attribution modeling and reveals the “next big competency we’re trying to build up” in marketing operations.
Moving to mobile: “People are spending more time on their mobile devices,” reminds Cameron—but for a software company whose key go to market approach involves trial software downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer, the surge in mobile browsing makes for a unique challenge. “There’s tons of great information and tech going into that space, and I think that we just need to get well ahead of it in competency,” Cameron shares, along with other predictions of the future of digital marketing operations.

Cameron is Head of Growth at Atlassian responsible for driving analytics, experimentation, demand generation and voice of the customer initiatives. Prior to Atlassian, Cameron worked in marketing at Jive Software and BEA Systems. He holds an MBA from the University of Montana and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis.


Atlassian’s mission is to unleash the potential in every team. Our products which include JIRA Software, Confluence, HipChat and Bitbucket help teams organize, discuss and complete their work – delivering superior outcomes for their organizations.   

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