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The Marketing Transition of the Century ( Jonathan Martin, CMO of Pure Storage)

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Glenn Gow

“I don’t need conjecture to say we’re probably in one of the biggest transitions in the last century,” says Jonathan Martin, CMO of flash storage leader Pure Storage. As mobile devices and social media have become increasingly dominant, people have become overwhelmed by information, and are now no longer listening. In this installment of Moneyball for Marketing, Jonathan explains how the old “single interrupt” model of marketing does not work anymore, and begins to suggest what marketing system does. Using insights about human brain chemistry, a Google shopping survey of 3000 people and insights from his own 15 year career, Jonathan defines the new shape of the buyer journey, the new role of the CMO, and the importance of machine learning and predictive analytics in navigating the new marketing landscape. Key insights include:

Jumbled up journey: “Whether you’re buying a consumer product or … a b2b product, the way that you buy is changing quite significantly,” offers Jonathan, “The buyer’s journey is really becoming…too complex for human brains to be able to model anymore.” Jonathan explains why the old linear buyer’s journey model does not work anymore and highlights the importance of machine learning martech in tackling the challenge of the new journey.

Communication co-creation: Referring to traditional marketing systems, Jonathan says: “You were able to control your message going into the market. And then unfortunately this dumb thing called social media came along and blew the doors off of that.” He offers tips on how marketers can create engagement points for customers to begin with, “and then allow them to…evolve the story further and have them go evangelize that out to other people who are passionate about similar things.”

Data Duos: “Go look at building some kind of marketing science lab within your organization,” advises Jonathan, going further yet, to break down Pure Storage’s Martec challenge of “18 to 20 systems,” and to advise the two data scientist roles that have been essential to Pure Storage’s 160 percent year on year growth.

Jonathan Martin is the CMO of Pure Storage and has nearly 20 years of experience developing marketing strategies for leading enterprise technology companies. In his role at Pure Storage, Jonathan is responsible for all global marketing and brand, overseeing all of Marketing Communications, Events, Demand Generation, and Field and Channel Marketing.

Pure Storage accelerates possible, transforming businesses in ways previously unimagined. The company’s disruptive, software-driven, all-flash storage technology combined with a customer-friendly business model drives business and IT transformation for customers through dramatic increases in performance and efficiency at lower costs.
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