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The New Role of Marketing (Wendy A. M. Yale, VP Corporate Marketing of Illumio)

Posted on February 25, 2016 by Glenn Gow

In the digital age, the volume and variety of channels in which brands interact with buyers has grown immensely, rendering the game of positioning strategy much more complex than ever before. It is now incumbent on brands to understand their buyers’ needs well enough to “show up” in the places these buyers frequent. As Wendy Yale, our guest in this edition of Moneyball for Marketing, says, “The role of marketing today is to educate and to intersect with our customers in the appropriate locations whether that be physical, at events, or 1 on 1 meetings, or digital, in places that our customers love.” Wendy is VP of Corporate and Revenue Marketing at cloud computing security newcomer Illumio. She talks about the process of becoming known in the market, the importance of understanding buyer personas, tracking interactions and building value in the conversation. A few of the key tips she offers are as follows:

Instrument for Success: “We’re instrumented here for measurement,” says Wendy. She reveals the marketing technology stack used by Illumio and explains how live reporting functionality benefits a marketing organization not only in its power to apply context to data, but also in its ability to foster trust with internal constituents.

Build a Relationship: Buyers are “not looking for your company, but they’re hungry for the newest information on whatever topic your company is associated with,” claims Wendy, citing the need for up to 10 interactions before a buyer may be ready to know about your product. She discusses top of funnel positioning strategy and how to rally your team to ensure value creation for various buyer personas.
Open the Gates: When Glenn asks about the future of visitor registrations, Wendy asserts that providing more un-gated content makes eventual registrations much more meaningful. “If we recognize that there’s a long sales cycle, …how do we as marketers keep them engaged over a long period of time? It’s not by asking them to register on my website the first time they come and visit, because they’re not going to.”

Wendy A.M. Yale is vice president of Corporate and Revenue Marketing at Illumio , where she is responsible for the company’s brand, communications, and demand generation. She has 20 years of experience focusing on category creation and go-to-market strategy for the B2B technology industry.

Illumio delivers adaptive security for every computing environment, protecting the 80 percent of data center and cloud traffic missed by the perimeter. The company’s Adaptive Security Platform™ visualizes application traffic and delivers continuous, scalable, and dynamic policy and enforcement to every bare-metal server, VM, and container in data centers and public clouds.

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