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The Three C’s of Solutions Marketing

Posted on September 4, 2013 by Glenn Gow

Your customers care about results because they have a problem they need you to fix. Problems are nothing more than a disruption, and herein lies your opportunity.

On this episode of Moneyball for Marketing, Bob Braham provided me with some very interesting insight into what he calls the “three C’s of solutions marketing”: 

  1. The Customer – Identify pain points and disruptions to create a selling motion 
  2. The Company – Look at what they already have and how you can improve their environment with your solution
  3. The Competitor – Differentiate yourself by attacking the problem in a unique way that creates value for your customer

Bob Braham is the CMO at SGI, where he leads the marketing execution and product management team as the company expands from High Performance Computing to being the premier platform for Big Data Applications. Bob is recognized in high tech as a strategic marketing leader who specializes in starting something new or fixing something broken. He is an expert in creating effective marketing strategies by identifying key trends and leveraging the strengths of the organizations where he has worked. His teams have a tradition of delivering compelling competitive positioning and messages followed by terrific marketing execution to grow products and companies. Bob is the former VP of Product Marketing & Integrated Marketing at Brocade, and the former Division CMO & VP of Marketing at EMC. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Duke University. 
Read the full transcript here

Glenn Gow

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