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What is a ‘Smart Network’ and How Will It Affect the Future?

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Glenn Gow

Smart homes. Smart vehicles. Smart phones. Smart watches. These days everything is getting “smart.” But what does that really mean?

How does that really impact our lives? How will “smart” in the future be different than the “smart” we know now? And what does that mean to marketing systems? Joining Moneyball for Marketing to tackle these questions is Dimitrios Papadogonas, VP of Marketing for electric vehicle (EV) charging network Chargepoint. What does electric vehicle charging have to do with “smart?” Not only is Chargepoint a means for EV drivers to charge up, it is also one of the fastest growing “smart networks” in the world, collecting market intelligence about EV drivers movement, interests and consumption habits. Dimitrios explores how smart networks will soon affect the way we live, work, consume and make every day decisions. Some of his ideas are as follows:

Data Merge: “You have to be able to integrate, provide control, allow customers to manage, that’s what smart is to us. When we think about a responsive home, Chargepoint is an integral part of that,” says Dimitrios. He predicts how the collected market intelligence and influenced behavior of car charging networks will integrate seamlessly with data and behavior of smart home networks of the future.

Charging Changes: Dimitrios explains how the data collected from Chargepoint drivers gives unique insights on their movement and consumption behavior that can be used for marketing systems.“We can see what drivers are doing…how long a driver spends at a store and … how a driver is changing (his/her shopping behavior)…. We have several big retail customers and we’ve proved this out, so it’s a very effective tool.”

Dimitrios Papadogonas is the VP of Marketing for Chargepoint. Chargepoint brings electric vehicle charging to more people and places than ever before. Chargepoint’s team is building a smart network that keeps the electric vehicle industry moving forward.
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