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Why Marketers Need Full Funnel Planning to Win Customers

Posted on June 16, 2015 by Glenn Gow

The volume and speed of marketing tactics and technologies that the modern marketer needs to stay on top of is pretty staggering. It can be a real challenge to keep track of this complex universe and still keep moving the needle. “How do you start to tie together very deliberately all of the parts of marketing in an orchestrated way, that help(s) you reach the prospects you want to get to, get them to the content you…want them to consume and take…action…to engage with you further?” ponders Whitney Bouck, the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and General Manager of Enterprise at content sharing leader Box. The response is what Whitney calls “full funnel planning.”

Whitney joins Moneyball for Marketing to share acquired insights and real world anecdotes from Box’s full funnel approach, including the following:

What’s your problem? It can be easy for marketers to forget that products are designed to solve buyers’ problems, not just make money for sellers. “Shoving something down (a buyer’s) throat just because you want to market at them harder doesn’t really make for a great ongoing relationship that’s mutually beneficial,” says Whitney. Instead, engage potential buyers at the top of the funnel with awareness of the problem, like Box does around the issue of information security.

Timing is everything: Whitney shares examples from Box’s marketing funnel on how a trusting relationship can be developed by providing high value content that may begin to incorporate your brand messaging—such as a white paper, webinar or video with an industry expert—before finally asking permission for a sales rep to reach out. It’s all about the timing, says Whitney—“Ask for that at the right point in time after (you’ve) built some trust and engagement, not too soon, but not so far down the funnel that you’ve…lost the opportunity.”

Profit Prediction: “Customer Sophistication Index,” a concept that Box uses to predict and influence the lifetime value of earned customers, takes into account the usage patterns of customers as well as their level of engagement with Box customer success agents. Whitney shares something of the formula Box uses to measure customer happiness and promote high renewal rates.

Whitney Bouck is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and General Manager of Enterprise at Box. Box’s mission is to make sharing, accessing, and managing content ridiculously easy. In her current role Whitney runs Box’s global marketing organization overseeing all product marketing, CIO relations, customer acquisition, analyst relations, and communication programs.
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