Today’s CMO has an opportunity to play a more imortant role and make a real impact on revenue.


A dramatically changing business and marketing landscape is creating unprecedented challenges to the traditional role of the CMO. CMOs have additional pressure to demonstrate a return on investment and drive pipeline and revenue growth. What can CMOs do to play a more important role and make a real impact on revenue? The answer lies in leveraging Big Data and Social Selling – from the marketing organization – to impact revenue.

Why the CMO?

CMOs play an especially critical role given their access to crucial market and buyer information.—who they are, what they know, how they behave and how they perceive a brand and its offerings.

How can this be achieved?

By collecting the information most valuable to sales, and by getting that information to them in an easily-digestible form, CMOs can bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Bridging the two ultimately leads to greater revenue – something sure to please any CEO.

 Where does the book fit in?

Revenue and the CMO describes how this happened at one company. It gives you an in-depth look into the model and presents a step-by-step blueprint for how you can apply it to your organization and business situation. Stepping up to this role can make the difference between success and failure for you and your company. Revenue and the CMO will show you how to make an impact on revenue—and your career.

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Glenn Gow Revenue and the CMO

Glenn Gow is Founder & Advisor of Crimson Marketing. He’s an expert in marketing strategy for tech companies, especially in digital marketing, demand generation, and social (selling and marketing). Gow oversees the work of Crimson’s teams and is focused on achieving Extreme Client Satisfaction for the company’s clients. Glenn has a BS in Quantitative Management from the University of Florida and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

“This should be required reading for not only CMOs but also CEOs and reps as well. Marketing and sales is a team effort – and Glenn Gow knows how to make it work!” – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 and Hall of Fame Reviewer

“I found this story engaging and fun to read. Crisp and to the point, it outlines a process for leveraging social technology to better enable those who are on the front lines of driving revenue in their organizations. I found many parallels to other important roles within organizations. Anytime you are in a client-facing or service role, it is a good thing to know what your clients know, and what they are talking about, especially if it is you.” – Mike Benson

“Simple advice should not be dismissed as useless for often it is the best. The program described in this book is not rocket science, it can be understood and implemented by everyone and it will work. No one could ask for more in a business book.” – Charles Ashbacher, Author and Amazon Top 500 and Hall of Fame Reviewer