Revenue Attribution Model



CHALLENGE: The client needed to understand the ROI from their various marketing campaigns, and didn’t have a way to measure them.

SOLUTION: Crimson built a revenue attribution model to help tie our client’s digital marketing efforts to financial results.

RESULTS: The client saved millions in advertising spend and redirected their marketing dollars to the highest impact marketing activities, increasing their return on marketing investment.

Many of our clients are concerned about spending their marketing dollars wisely. They want to see the best results from their various marketing initiatives.

After running various types of campaigns – display advertising, SEO, email, SEM, etc. – our client realized that while they had a clear understanding of how many leads were being produced from each campaign, they did not know how much profit was being produced.

To combat this issue, Crimson Marketing worked with the client’s finance and market intelligence teams to tie campaign performance to the financial results by building a funnel metric model. The funnel metric model, or revenue attribution model, showed the client how specific marketing activities resulted in revenue and profit.

Our attribution model (or funnel metric model) showed how some marketing campaigns that looked “good” were actually unprofitable. The client immediately shifted their marketing dollars from that marketing mix to a profitable marketing mix, saving them millions in advertising spend. By redirecting their marketing dollars to the highest impact marketing activities they were able to significantly increase their return on marketing investment.

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