SMB Partner Marketing Campaigns


CHALLENGE: Cisco wanted to dramatically scale it’s SMB VAR partner demand generation program.

SOLUTION: Crimson developed a new go to market strategy to enable effective lead management between Cisco and their partners.

RESULTS: The goal to run 100 campaigns per month was exceeded by 700% while reducing cost by 50% and creating over $100 Million in revenue in the first two years.

Cisco wanted to succeed in the SMB market. In order to do so, they needed to go to market with VAR partners. The entailed an entirely new strategy, along with a new set of partners. As part of their go to market strategy, Cisco needed a demand generation program that generated leads in a cost effective way.

Crimson Marketing developed a new approach to marketing through partners. This included a new process and software that enabled Cisco to run highly effective campaigns with their partners. Crimson’s new partner strategy included a closed-loop marketing system to track and ensure leads assigned to partners were serviced by those partners immediately. Instead of asking VAR partners to develop their own leads, Crimson showed Cisco how to take full responsibility of developing leads for their partners.

The initial target was to enable the Cisco marketing team to run 100 campaigns per month. Not only was Crimson able to exceed this goal by 700%, but we also reduced the cost of the demand center by 50% and created over $100M in revenue in the first two years.

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