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Think Before Ignoring These 15 Digital Marketing Trends

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Glenn Gow

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Marketers hardly have the time to sort hype from reality when thinking about digital marketing solutions.

A new ebook by MDG Advertising helps to identify the biggest trends of 2015 and how to think about planning for 2016.

1. User-generated content:

Consumers are creating more and more of their own content (e.g. SnapChat Live Stories) that marketers can use to start conversations about their brands.

2. Mobile video:

3. Blogs:

4. Millennial-targeted marketing:

5. Facebook for video:

6. Social commerce:

7. Messaging apps:

8. Mobile advertising:

9. Marketers spend on facebook:

10. Social media:

11. The rise of “digital prophets”:

12. Vertical video:

Marketers should consider video that is optimized for the vertical mobile screen. Full-screen, vertically oriented video ads on Snapchat have a 9x higher click-through rate compared with regular horizontal video ads.

13. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are social media’s big three. Almost all marketers (93%) are using Facebook as a marketing tool, the most of any social media network; Twitter is second (79%), followed by LinkedIn (71%).

14. Pinterst’s growing diversity:

Pinterest is not just for women anymore. In fact, the number of car and motorcycle pins is up 118% year over year, and the number of men’s fashion pins is up 96%.

15. Video for content marketing:

As marketers continue their obsession with content marketing, video is emerging as a favorite tactic. That’s why 65.79% of marketers said they plan to increase their use of YouTube.


Glenn Gow

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