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Top 5 Things Solution Providers Should Look for in Leading Vendors

Posted on February 28, 2007 by Crimson Marketing

I had the chance to chat with Michael Vizard last week of Ziff Davis eWeek in a Channel Insider ePodcast: Making the Most of Marketing and we agree, Vendors who invest in true joint channel marketing programs should be at the top of every (SP) Solution Provider’s Vendor list.

So how is an SP going to separate the wheat from the chaff to ID the Vendors who really get it and can make a difference? Here are our top 5 indicators that SPs should be looking for when evaluating current or prospective Vendor channel marketing efforts. Any Vendor doing at least 3 of the 5 items on the list below warrants greater investments from SPs at least from a marketing point of view.

  1. The Vendor offers pre-packaged, SP-customizable marketing campaigns (e.g., email/telemarketing plays to for a particular offering to a particular customer segment). Pre-packaged means that the plays have be pre-defined, SP-customizable means that the SP can easily add its logo, general and specific messaging to the play so that campaigns are no longer generic, but partner-specific.
  2. The Vendor has a centralized concierge function (and a process) that walks the SP through the selection and customization process. The concierge helps the SP coordinate mailing lists, integrate logos and text, etc.
  3. The Vendor helps build traffic for the SP on the SPs website with processes and tools to improve the prospects experience (and desire to return).
  4. The Vendor channel account managers (CAMs) are rewarded for promoting and monitoring the SPs utilization of these channel co-marketing processes, tools and campaigns.
  5. The Vendor offers (and incentivizes) the SP to utilize a Lead Management System Portal that allows the SPs to automatically track and manage vendor-SPs common leads. The Vendor uses the system to track partner pipeline.

If they can’t meet this criteria, talk to your Vendors and let them know there’s a better way to market and you’re happy to provide input to the joint marketing plan.

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